Bamboo Blade C
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TOTSUKA Masahiro
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Third portion of Totsuka-sensei's arrangement about secondary school young ladies rehearsing Kendou. As far back as center school, Suzuharu Sakudou has never won an aggressive kendo match which makes him need to stop kendo in secondary school. In any case, he reluctantly continues doing kendo essentially on the grounds that he can't say no to his adolescence companion, Chiko, and the greater part of his senior in the kendo club. In the wake of listening to this from Chiko, Kiki Asahina, a resigned kendoka who used to be the nation second best in the center school level choose to beat some sense into him. In any case, Suzuharu really crushes her. Astonished by his potential, she offer herself to mentor him and depend her fantasy to wind up number one in Japan to him.

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