Your Story I Have Known
Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi
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Suzuki, Tsuta (Story & Art)
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Manga Description

1-3) Your Story I Have Known- High-school student Matsumoto Haato has fallen in love with his abusive mother s ex-boyfriend, yakuza Shibusawa, who was nice to him in the past. When he has nowhere left to go he turns to the gruff but kind older man. A three chapter love story that details the changing relationship between the two men over the years. 4) Saute de Oignon- released as a oneshot by Aarinfantasy. 5) Koe ga Todaku no Nara 6,7) Kami-sama no me wo nusunde & extra-

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 - 1 2009/09/13 Download
Chapter 2 - 2 2009/09/13 Download
Chapter 3 - 3 2009/09/13 Download
Chapter 4 - 4 2009/09/13 Download
Chapter 5 - 5 2009/09/13 Download
Chapter 6 - 6 2009/09/14 Download