Neko me Kozou
Cat Eyed Boy
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UMEZU Kazuo (Story & Art)
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Manga Description

Cat-Eyed Boy is a half-human, half-monster child who mostly resembles a human, and therefore cannot live in the demon world. He lives hidden in the shadows of the human world, hated by both demons and humans. But wherever he goes, awful events occur. Humans interact with demons, but for the most part the humans that appear to act more evil than the monsters. Cat-Eyed Boy acts like Trickster, saving the innocent and helping the wicked receive the punishment that fate metes out. The stories are mostly tales of revenge and retribution for the evil acts people do. The series is broken into 11 individual stories, full of extremely grotesque and disturbing images.

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Chapter 1 - Volume 1 2010/12/15 Download
Chapter 2 - Volume 2 2010/12/15 Download