Chaos Head
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Manga Description

Nana, handsome youth who has long fair hair, a boy without past memories, and with a strong sense of justice, Tri-peace operative number 102078. Although he is well trained in combat, Nana is very good disguising and passing himself for a woman, and he uses it to cheat his enemies and get advantage when in mission. When in woman mode he uses the name Nanako. ----------- Nana, a young boy suffering from extreme amnesia, has forgotten his real name. After helplessly witnessing the unjust death of three children during one of his trips, he vows to eradicate all wars of the surface of the earth. He then joined Tripeace, a small group of activists whose members use all kinds of weapons and will stop at nothing, not even the violence, bring peace to the world. But soon, the new registration number 102078 of Tripeace is faced with a dilemma: can we protect the peace at any price?

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Chapter 1 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 2 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 3 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 4 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 5 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 6 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 7 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 8 2009/08/03 Download
Chapter 9 2010/07/30 Download
Chapter 10 2010/12/31 Download
Chapter 11 2011/03/31 Download