Mashounen BT, Magic Boy Beatty, Magic Boy BT
Cool Shock BT
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ARAKI Hirohiko
ARAKI Hirohiko
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Manga Description

The creator of Baoh and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure presents a manga about magic and mysteries! You'll meet him at 13:13 pm, on Friday the 13th. He'll do an uncanny intro where he plays a trick on you! And wherever he goes, trouble seems to always follows. Who is this person that creates such incidents? None other than Cool Shock BT!

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2011/04/24 Download
Chapter 2 2011/04/24 Download
Chapter 3 2011/05/03 Download
Chapter 4 2011/06/13 Download
Chapter 5 2011/07/26 Download
Chapter 6 2011/07/26 Download