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PAK Mi-Suk, YLab
KANG Eun-Young
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Manga Description

On the planet, individuals can be ordered into three sorts: solid carnivores; center carnivores and herbivores. Somi Han is alluded to as "Undetectable young lady." She becomes a close acquaintence with a kindred herbivore, Yujin Ko. However Somi Han feels that Yujin Ko is more similar to a tiger professing to be a rabbit. In the mean time, the stimulation business is in a state of chaos with the presence of a fanfiction author called Foxstar. With extraordinarily nitty gritty and precise data about the individual existences of a considerable lot of Korea's most blazing stars, VIPs are more than anxious. What happens when Somi and Yujin find each other's mystery personalities?

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Chapter 1 2012/07/19 Download
Chapter 2 2012/08/15 Download
Chapter 3 2012/08/15 Download