Konya mo Hitori de Nemurenai, I Cant Sleep Alone, Welcome to the World of the Picture-Book, I Want You Close, I See a Hen, Forest of Memory, The Show-Off Ghost, Message S.O.S., Message SOS, Me Inside the Mirror, Doll Shop
I Cant Sleep Alone
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Arai, Kiyoko (Story & Art), Oobayashi, Miyuki (Story & Art), Takamiya, Satoru (Story & Art), Komuro, Eiko (Story & Art), Ono, Eriko (Story & Art), Kagari, Junko (Story & Art), Kumazaki, Shinko (Story & Art), Yamada, Sakura (Sto
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Manga Description

This is a collection of stories written by eight popular shoujo horror manga artists.