Bitou na Koi, Bitouna Koi, Kataomoi no Mukou Gawa
Kataomoi no Mukougawa
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Manga Description

Compilation of short stories: • Kataomoi no Mukougawa Azusa knew the boy in the library was already in love... So what can she do when she starts to fall for him? - Which Scanlations • Ano Kado o Magareba It’s summertime, and Kako is sick of the heat. She is feeling restless, and she wants to find a guy to fall in love with. Kako is actually desperate enough that she tells herself that she will try to fall for the next guy to walk through a nearby doorway. Fortunately, the guy who appears is really cute! Kako doesn’t know him. Can she fall for this guy? But already, her heart is pounding… • Tenshi ga Kuretamono Miyuki is working at a convenience store. One day, on Christmas Eve, an interesting guy comes in and asks for job at the store. They do, but the hours are really bad (evening shift). That-disappointed-guy then talks to Miyuki and knows she's single. The guy suddenly asks her to go out with him! She feels she can't go out with a stranger, no matter how cute he is, and no matter how persistent he is, because this stranger is just a 2nd year in High Schoo! • Bitou na Koi Chiaki is a tomboyish girl. Really though, Chiaki is everyone’s friend, and is treated by the guys in her class as “just one of the guys.” Until now, Chiaki has been fine with this, but she is starting to fall for one of her classmates. Will he ever see her as a girl, or is she doomed to be totally not his type? - Aerandria Scans • Kimi to Natsu no Aizu Hyori was forced to be a manager in the baseball club during the summer by his father who is the coach. She doesn't want this, but her friend Yoshimura is on the team, so at least she can see him. Yoshimura introduces her to the pitcher of the team, Sumida-senpai. As they get to know each other, they really hit it off. But this doesn't make Yoshimura happy...

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Chapter 1 - The OTher Side Of Unrequited Love 2011/08/09 Download
Chapter 2 2011/08/17 Download
Chapter 3 2011/09/14 Download
Chapter 5 2011/11/01 Download