Marriage Toxin, マリッジトキシン
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YODA Mizuki
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Manga Description

A hired gunman and a marriage cheat set out on the world's most overwhelming fight for marriage! Gero is a young fellow from a group of hired gunmen, which has been in presence for many years. As somebody who's never gone to class and carried on with his life managing in obscurity side of the business, he sees himself as to have "no possibilities with ladies" and marriage as "something not so much for him." However, at some point, in dread that their genealogy would disintegrate, his group cautions Gero that in the event that he doesn't wed and deliver a main successor, they would have no real option except to… force his younger sibling into doing "that." Driven to his brains' end, Gero requests the objective from his work, a marriage backstabber, to…

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Chapter 1 2022/05/17 Download
Chapter 2 2022/05/17 Download
Chapter 3 2022/05/17 Download
Chapter 4 2022/05/17 Download
Chapter 5 2022/05/17 Download
Chapter 6 2022/05/24 Download
Chapter 7 2022/05/31 Download
Chapter 8 2022/06/07 Download
Chapter 9 2022/06/14 Download
Chapter 10 2022/06/21 Download