Zelda no Densetsu: Mugen no Sunadokei
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
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Manga Description

The story takes after Link and Tetra, who live in a surge secured Hyrule called the Great Sea. Going on Tetra's privateer deliver, the pair find a Ghost Ship. Instantly after Tetra sheets the boat, she shouts for help. While Link endeavors to tail her, he slips and falls into the sea. Washed aground on an island, Link is stirred by Ciela, a pixie. Investigating the island, Link finds the Phantom Hourglass, loaded with the Sands of Hours, and meets an old man named Oshus, who needs to Link discover the Ghost Ship and rejoin with Tetra. To help him in his journey, Link enrolls the assistance of Captain Linebeck and his ship, the S. S. Linebeck, which Link, Ciela, and Linebeck use to visit islands. In the wake of scouring the Great Sea, Link discovers that he should utilize maps and pieces of information covered up in the Temple of the Ocean King to discover the Spirits of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, which thus will help him find the Ghost Ship...

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Chapter 1 2011/01/14 Download
Chapter 2 2011/01/14 Download
Chapter 3 2011/01/14 Download
Chapter 4 2011/01/14 Download
Chapter 5 2011/01/14 Download
Chapter 6 2011/01/14 Download